04 Feb
20th Bla Bla Bla Playlist (January 26 2014)

The Underground Youth – Delirium

This band is one that Alex discovered recently, a band he fell in love with immediately! From Manchester, they remind me of that other famous band, Joy Division.


The Sea – Get Up, Stand Up, Die

A band with which we will share the stage while on the “From Upper Room To Higher Sky” tour in the UK. A song that is very energetic, that sure makes you want to get up and take action. Maybe not die, though… 😉


Noir Désir – Lost

Bertrand Cantat, singer of French band Noir Désir, has recently released a solo album, and at the same time had many of us re-discover the band, one of Alex’s all time favorites. This song is one that Your Favorite Enemies previously covered, on their first European Tour.


Lee Ranaldo – The Rising Tide

Off his most recent album, one that Alex invited us all to listen to together, this song somewhat reminds me of the song “From The City To The Ocean”, not because of its form nor its lyrics, but mainly because of its vibe.


Counting Crows – Long December

It’s not December anymore, I know… We have listened to the album “Recovering The Satellites”, on which the song appears, recently, and remembered ourselves of this very special fact: the very first song that Alex & Sef played together when they decided to form a band was this one… I can’t help but think of a new beginning every time I listen to it.


The Sex Pistols – Holiday in the Sun

Could this song ever be a holidays classic? Well, yes, it is, for Alex at least! You can discover the reasons behind this peculiar choice of holidays music here: http://blablablatheliveshow.com/christmas-playlist/


The Duke Spirit – Villain

One of the songs that we have listened to during the signing sessions of the SFCC packages. It took us a full evening (and night!) to finish all the personal little notes that would be shipped with your packages, and this upbeat music was exactly what we needed!


Steven Seagal – Don’t You Cry

We have had a Seagal festival during our holidays, watching several of his movies. It was the first time that we would really discover Seagal, not only as an artist, but as a man, and as a singer, too… Here’s one of his songs, one for which Miss Isabel has a very special story to tell…


Nick Cave – The Mercy Seat

This song is from the album “Tender Pray”, the one with which Alex first discovered Nick Cave. It is an album that we have listened to on repeat recently, because we love its sound, its authenticity, and its audacity.


Tim Timebomb – I Wanna Be Sedated

We’re definitely not working 9-5 here at YFE HQ, and some late nights call for that type of music. The week before the Bla Bla Bla also being the week before leaving on tour, let’s say it was an incredibly busy week, with early mornings and late nights. A classic, covered perfectly for that type of nights!


The Cranberries – Zombie

We had different themed parties during our holidays, for which we had to be costumed. Yes, we like dressing up, we really enjoy it, and every opportunity is good for us to go in our “costume lounge”… One of the nights had the 90’s as a dress code theme. And who says 90’s says music… We couldn’t miss the opportunity of listening to Zombie, a song that each and every one of us knows by heart!


Smashing Pumpkins – An Ode to No One

In the last few months, Sef truly (re)discovered the Smashing Pumpkins, a band he always liked, but that he is now getting to know under a different perspective! One of his favorite songs from that band is this one!