50 Shades of YFE


  • Welcome
  • An Eternal Rivalry Gone Too Far?
  • World Cup & YFE
  • No Losers, Only Winners
  • The (Bitter) Taste of Victory
  • Sef-o-Brazilia, the Fragrance
  • 50 Shades of Grey
  • Music as a Bridge; Between Illness And Migration
  • “Between Illness And Migration” in newspapers
  • Between Illness And Migration: The Interview Series
  • “Light Shining Over Ground” T-Shirt
  • The SFCC; Already 3 years with you!
  • YFE live in Taiwan (and elsewhere soon!)
  • Punk Rock & DIY Merch
  • Sef’s Own Challenge Consequence

Episode description

When you thought you had seen it all, you can always count on Your Favorite Enemies to bring the craziness to another level… These guys always find a way to surprise us, for better or for worse! And this Bla Bla Bla was a proof of it, once again! No matter how much you thought you knew the band members, this episode proved there was still a lot to learn about all of them! 


From the eternal rivalry that is going on between Jeff and Sef, to the World Cup challenges, to Sef’s ultimate creation of a unique perfume “for the inside”, to a girls night featuring “Fifty Shades of Grey”… You’ll see all of this, and even more, in this edition of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show!


We also talked about “Between Illness And Migration”, the newly released album of the band. Even though this version is exclusive to Canada, we have decided to make it available to all of you on the YFE Store, and you have embraced it in a way we could have never even dreamed of! Following this, we have also decided to do a series of special interviews about the album, where we will cover all the different aspects of the album, from the composition to the release, the lyrics and the artwork!


And of course, we talked about the band’s fan club, as it recently turned 4… 4 years already sharing incredible moments with you all! You’ll be able to discover a few insights of what’s to come for the year that has just started. And yes, crazy would be a good word to describe it!


Some very cool new merch has also been unveiled on this edition of the Bla Bla Bla. Make sure you head to the YFE Store and see what they’re all about! Merch with soul and attitude, that’s the least we can say!


The Grand Finale? Sef jumping in a pool with his clothes on, as a result of a baseball challenge he lost against Jeff… 🙂