Expose Yourself


  • Introduction
  • Your Favorite Enemies on Social Networks
  • Jeff’s Pink Bieber Hairdo
  • The Mightiest Of Guns performance feedbacks
  • Expose Yourself / Silence Is Murder
  • Little Sister: Upcoming Video Clip
  • SFCC: Package Presentation
  • “Where Did We Lose Each Other” Official Video
  • 2011 YFE Timeline

Episode description

One of the craziest and most ecstatic shows ever produced and broadcasted live on the YFE-TV Channel, the last episode of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show for 2011 was of grand finale proportion, as the members of Your Favorite Enemies turned the set into an empowering mayhem of pure joy and a true heartfelt inspiring moment of profound emotion.
From the exhilaration of Jeff’s pink “Bieber’ hair, the behind the scene pictures and videos from the members of Your Favorite Enemies, to the presentation of the 2011 Time Line, the “Silence Is Murder” video, the SFCC package introduction and the inauguration of “Where Did We Lose Each Other” official song and video; the YFE members exposed themselves like never before.
It’s definitely a “you absolutely have to see it” and a “you must see it again” type of moment.