I Just Want You To Know


  • Sef honors Jeff with a special gift of his own.
  • Secret Family Cult Club (also known as the SFCC) Official Presentation
  • Open Your Eyes : Vague Memoir & Autres Souvenirs
  • Preview Of Sounds And Noises’ First Episode : ”Life Creates Life”
  • Canadian Music Week: Annual YFE Family Gathering Invitation
  • Live performance of the new song
    “I Just Want You To Know”

Episode description

Following the first episode which was a real mayhem of life and excitement , the second edition of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show reached an incredible height of shivering emotion and uplifting passion. The band members shared about the creation of Your Favorite Enemies’ very private group, known as the ”Secret Family Cult Club”. The band also performed a brand new song called “I Just Want You To Know” live from their Studio Church, an epic moment that undoubtedly set the tone to an amazing new year that had yet to unfold the full extent of its true empowering and inspiring nature.