Living As It’s Worth Dying For


  • Chinese Tour (Overview video flashback and fan testimonies)
  • Japan Tour (Tokyo video flashback and fan testimonies)
  • Hope Project – A video of their visit to the
    Minami-Sanriku Shelter
  • The Kyoto DVD project presentation
  • Love Is A Promise… album reissue project
  • YFE Animated Adventures #2

Episode description

The fourth episode of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show welcomed Your Favorite Enemies back from an extended inspiring Chinese tour and a very emotional Japanese tour, held in support of the Hope Project for Japan relief. The band members are sharing about the true nature of their “life on the road” experiences, their vision from the stage, their personal and collective insights and their soulful affection towards the people they’ve met during such an intense journey of cultural and heartfelt inner-barrier defiance. As Alex, who came back with a fractured jaw, broken ribs, chipped tooth and many other bruises, says, ”it’s living as it’s worth dying for.”