Summer style celebration!


  • Welcome
  • YFE Vacations
  • Sef’s unique costume
  • A night at the MMVAs
  • Touring throughout America
  • Special gifts for the band members
  • Alex’s tour journal
  • New family members
  • T-shirts “Outside It’s America”
  • “Between Illness And Migration” Canada has turned 1 year!
  • YFE on VH1 India
  • Videoclip excerpt première: “1-2-3 (One Step Away)
  • Summer festivals in Quebec
  • New items in “Daylight Summer Breeze”
  • Happy 5 year anniversary to the SFCC!
  • Rock N Rights
  • Contest winner
  • Goodbyes

Episode description

Every edition of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show is a celebration in itself. The preparation, the get-together with you all, the sharing that happens during the live broadcast; they’re all opportunities to rejoice. But with the premiere of an excerpt of Your Favorite Enemies’ videoclip for the song “1-2-3 (One Step Away)”, the first anniversary of the Canadian version of the album “Between Illness And Migration” and its release in India and the 5th anniversary of the band’s official fan club, the Secret Family Cult Club – also known as the SFCC – we knew we were in for a very unique type of celebration!
All this, plus stories about the MMVAs where the band had been invited, the tour “Outside It’s America”, Alex’s soulful and funny tour journal, new t-shirts designed by Alex, new items in the collection “Daylight Summer Breeze”, hand modified by Miss Isabel herself, news about all the different summer festivals Your Favorite Enemies will be taking part in as well as deep discussions fuelled by Human Rights; Raif Badawi, the shooting that happened in Charleston, as well as LGBT rights.
Let’s not forget the addition of 2 new members in the YFE family, Leonard and MacKaye, 2 adorable and very energetic little puppies!