The Image Of A King


  • Sef’s Birthday Present to the Band
  • Holy Excess in pure simplicity
  • Alex’s New Café
  • Little Sister at Cabin 5
  • Hope Project, a year after
  • Red Crown Crane: Alex & Miss Isabel collaboration
  • SFCC: Digital Blind Date
  • “All The Same” T-Shirt
  • “Get Up And Make It Right” T-Shirt Collection
  • Chaos&Communion: A View From Within
  • Jeff&Sef Love Story
  • Happy Birthday from Hollywood
  • Sef’s little birthday cake
  • The King found his “Queen”
  • Vision from the future

Episode description

For this 3rd edition of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show of 2012, Sef promised us the end of the world… We may still be here today, but this show has been a real demonstration of Sef’s humbleness… in all its excess! Let’s say that his birthday was fit for his King image!
That show also has been a unique recollection of incredible sparks of life, little pieces of defining moments brought together in something that is bigger than every moment alone, where true and authentic emotions when the band exposed the Hope Project, a year after, and how they had been impacted by it, how the courage of the people they met at the shelter led Alex and Miss Isabel to collaborate on the special project “Red Crown Crane”, the undercover SFCC Digital Blind Date and a public stand against any form of prejudice, violence and abuse towards women and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people through 2 new shirts offered on the YFE Store, the “Free Golden Zebra” and the “Don’t Mess With Mr. Pink” t-shirts.
Let’s not forget that special moment we were able to witness the band perform a new song, “A View From Within”, and a discussion that followed right after in studio… The glimpse of an eternal moment…