The One I Love


  • Band members exclusive private pictures
  • Your Favorite Enemies social networks
  • Acoustic performance of R.E.M. “The One I Love”
  • “This Is A Call-UP” project impact
  • What?!? Have you bought a
    merchandising company?
  • “The Uplifting Sound Of An Epiphanic Awakening” Live in Shanghai DVD project
  • New design for the official YFE Store offered
    in English and Japanese
  • Details about 2 videos to be produced for
    new songs
  • YFE Animated Adventures #4

Episode description

In this very eclectic episode of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show, Your Favorite Enemies members talk about social networks, shoes, hair styles, artistic influences, the end of a defining musical era and today’s nature of art, which leads Alex, along with Sef, Ben and Miss Isabel, to perform an acoustic version of an old iconic R.E.M. song: “The One I Love”. In the midst of the vivid musical vibe floating on the set, the band members share about the impact that the “This Is A Call-Up” Bootleg concert had on all the people who saw their performance, before announcing the major acquisition of a merchandising company that will be ventured under their Hopeful Tragedy Media Group corporate moniker.
They also proudly present all the details regarding “The Uplifting Sound Of An Epiphanic Awakening” Live in Shanghai DVD, a project entirely crafted by Your Favorite Enemies’ very own team members. The Bla Bla Bla ends with Alex divulging the day of his departure for Japan, where he will direct and produce an official video for a song to be featured on their upcoming album.
*Don’t miss Sef wearing a pink Justin Bieber t-shirt… a must-see-to-believe kind of vision.