Warm Autumn Breeze from the YFE HQ


  • Welcome
  • Is Jeff hiding in shame or working?
  • Memories of Summer Festivals
  • New Merch: “A Season of Birth and Rebirth”
  • Announcement: YFE at CMJ 2015
  • A Special Gala Night on the SFCC
  • Acoustic concert in Japan on Nov. 21st
  • “As Warm As Heart Gets”, new on the YFE Store
  • YFE on social networks
  • Goodbyes

Episode description

From now on, the reruns of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show will take a whole new format, and will be limited to 45 minutes only!
You’ll discover in this edition the usual dynamic that takes place in between Sef and Jeff, even when Jeff is away! Surprised? Please do not be. That’s just normal business on a normal day at the YFE HQ! We’ll also bring you back into the summer months, where Your Favorite Enemies played different festivals across their home province, in Quebec, Canada.
As usual, the Bla Bla Bla is a perfect place for us to announce you all that’s coming up. This time, we’ve invited you to join the band in NYC as they will play at the CMJ Music Marathon 2015 – and watch live on the SFCC if you can’t make it to NYC! We’ve announced a new acoustic concert in Tokyo, and decided to welcome you all to a special Gala Night hosted by the band’s fan club, the SFCC, where we will unveil the new package for the 5th year of the club!
For the very first time, we’ve also added a new fall collection to the YFE Store, featuring 3 different models, and adding colors that had never been seen on the online store before!