What It’s Like To Be A”Live”


  • New Website announcement
  • Secret Family Cult Club introduction
  • Open Your Eyes Project
  • Sef’s website
  • Amnesty International – Expose Yourself video
  • Sounds & Noises – Trailer
  • Studio – True Emotions lived in Studio
  • Release of ”Where Did We Lose Each Other” – Video and song preview
  • Canadian Music Week announcement

Episode description

For the very first episode of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show, the 6 members of Your Favorite Enemies shared some insights about their numerous upcoming projects for 2011. The excitement is tangible on the set, as we can literally feel that everything can happen at any moment, which pretty much happened at precisely every moment… laughter, craziness and social involvement turned that show into an amazing display of vivid life… a stunning opening show, if only for Sef’s Personal Web Site, that’s still loading ever since the episode went live on December 19th 2010… You need more than will to become Steve Jobs.