Sep 23

Details for the next edition will be announced shortly… But you know it’s coming real soon! And this time, the show you love so much will be Live on Facebook! Stay tuned for all the details!

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Dec 27

For all the laughter, the smiles, the touching moments and the deep conversations, thank you!  THANK YOU! You are the ones who make this show such a rich one… It would never be the same without you! 🙂 We love you guys! Thank you for allowing us to live such wonderful moments! Thank you for everything that 2015 has been with you… and we’ll see you again soon for a next edition of the show in 2016! 🙂

Dec 26

Get ready for a YFE style type of holidays celebration! Tomorrow, at 8:00am (ET), the band members will be live on YouTube for the last edition of the Bla Bla Bla in 2015! They’ll discuss all that happened in the last few months, as well as announce what’s coming up for 2016!