Feb 4

The Underground Youth – Delirium

This band is one that Alex discovered recently, a band he fell in love with immediately! From Manchester, they remind me of that other famous band, Joy Division.


The Sea – Get Up, Stand Up, Die

A band with which we will share the stage while on the “From Upper Room To Higher Sky” tour in the UK. A song that is very energetic, that sure makes you want to get up and take action. Maybe not die, though… 😉


Noir Désir – Lost

Bertrand Cantat, singer of French band Noir Désir, has recently released a solo album, and at the same time had many of us re-discover the band, one... Read more

Jan 8

After I sent her my questions, Marjo thought she would also send me some questions to answer about the Bla Bla Bla… Here are my answers!


Even to this day, what is the “Bla Bla Bla” moment you’re thinking of that makes you inevitably smile?

Now that’s a very, very hard one. I must admit that every single edition of the show has something that makes me smile. Every show is just so unique. Being unable to find only one moment amongst all of the episodes we’ve had, I’ll go with the last one, when we offered Kanu his little wombats (for those of you who didn’t attend the live representation, this part of the show wasn’t included in... Read more

Jan 4

How was your initiation to the Bla Bla Bla… The hosting and everything…

I saw my take-off on the ”Bla Bla Bla” as being a nice opportunity for me, to participate in the magic and the joy of what this show brings to all. And knowing that my debut on the show was during an incredible episode where Jeff had pink hair, I knew without a doubt that the experience was going to be exciting and without limits! Also what I find really amazing about this show, is that it’s not only filled with surprises for the audience!! Every minute of this reunion remains a surprise, bringing us from one emotion to another… equally as exciting as the last. In... Read more