From the Upper Room, to you all, with all our heart


  • Welcome
  • Happy Birthday, Moose!
  • John & Yoko’s Bed-In in Montreal
  • The Eternal Rivalry
  • 3 weeks in China after 3 years
  • Traveling in China YFE’s way
  • Forbidden City Like Never Before
  • CMW: A Family Reunion
  • Release of Between Illness And Migration, 1 year after
  • Between Illness And Migration: Now in Canada!
  • Home-Made Grandiose Celebration
  • We raise our glasses to you…!
  • Between Illness And Migration now on the YFE Store
  • YFE in the media
  • Between Illness And Migration in the charts
  • A visit in CHOM studios
  • Next steps for Between Illness And Migration
  • YFE in Kerrang!
  • Contest
  • Stephanie’s Surprise Birthday Party
  • Goodbyes

Episode description

We started the show missing one member. No worries, it wasn’t a case of #whereisMoose. In fact, Moose has a very special surprise for you all! Indeed, because his birthday was coming up shortly, we decided to surprise him in grand style. And the expression on his face showed just how surprised he was! Then followed a special event for “Give Peace A Chance”, and the legitimate controversy.


After 3 memorable weeks in China, punctuated by unforgettable meetings, friendship old and new, crazy stories, out of this world gigs, horribly long train rides, hilarious moments, and life-changing experiences, Your Favorite Enemies spent less than 24 hours at home, before leaving for Toronto. Sick, tired, and jet-lagged, the family reunion and all the surprises that came with it made this weekend a very meaningful one, above everything else you could have thought of!


We were also very honored to share the special journey that “Between Illness And Migration” has been with you all! Starting with the release of the Japanese version a little over a year ago, and then of the Canadian version on May 20th. We’ve decided to do a special toast, a unique one, to all of you guys. Because none of this journey would have ever been possible without you all.


For your support, your friendship, your love and your prayers, thank you!