Sickness, Bieber Lover, Live Performance And Anti-Birthday


  • Jeff shared the Bla Bla Bla Exclusive & Limited
    T-Shirt / “Sef Is A Bieber Lover”
  • Sef introduced super no-hero Jeff “Fatman” Beaulieu
  • Social Networks: Bra-Latte Holder & Unique Fashion
  • Made in Japan : Clip for the song “All The Same”
  • Shanghai DVD Official Release: A family project
  • 2 Brand New YFE French Stores
    (France & Québec)
  • Chaos & Communion: A private eye on
    YFE’s studio
  • SFCC: Jeff’s personal guitar contest
  • Acoustic Live Performance:
    “The Mightiest Of Guns”
  • Alex’s “Anti-Birthday” Surprise Party

Episode description

Alex might have been sick, but it didn’t dampen the great pleasure everyone had during this very special and unique live broadcasting of the seventh episode of the Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show. A true exultation of life and a pure display of jubilation literally set the place on fire.
From Jeff’s presentation of the new Bla Bla Bla exclusive and limited t-shirt “Seffy Boy Is A Bieber Lover”, to Sef exposing the identity of the super hero “Fatman”, the official release of the Shanghai DVD and the opening of 2 new YFE French stores, as well as the introduction of the Chaos And Communion project and the incredible moving acoustic performance of the song “The Mightiest Of Guns”, the Bla Bla Bla has been one of the most fabulous moments of felicity ever experienced live.